Drake’s Trail

It’s time to catch up on some blogging I think. I have been meaning to share my photos from this bike ride for a few weeks but time but haven’t gotten around to it.

We went out one evening to try and make the most of the sun while we still can already its getting much darker much earlier! I really love Drake’s trail which connects Tavistock to Plymouth it’s not completely flat like the Camel trail and it has a few sections across Dartmoor that go on the road. The views are absolutely amazing across the moor as you are so high up and then you pass through beautiful woodland as you descend into Plymouth.


Riding across the moors

There are also two fairly long really dark tunnels to go through which are quite exciting but I would suggest lights being a good idea for your bike. Obviously I still haven’t gotten around to sorting mine out so it was interesting and luckily there were no pedestrians in the tunnel. Bike lights for Shirley are going on my birthday wish list along with a fancy basket to put my sandwiches in and a pannier rack for the back of her.



Anyway we went out on a lovely sunny evening and rode almost to Plymouth from Tavistock before turning around to go home. I think it would be about 13 mile to go the whole way so 26 if you are doing both. We are planning going early one morning and having breakfast or lunch when we get there. I think that would be a really nice day out.


Beautiful view across Dartmoor

See you soon x